Super Horror Bros. Scary Movie Slasher Enamel Pin (Seconds)

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Now you're playing with power...slasher power! This mash-up enamel pin combines two of our favorite things: Nintendo (specifically, the Super Mario Bros. series of games) and 90s horror movies!

Each pin is about 1.8" tall, includes dual rubber clutches and comes on a glossy, double-sided backer card patterned after classic NES box art. This pin also has a sliding "stab" motion feature!

Available in 3 fun variants to collect: original, glitter blood and glow-in-the-dark Stab colors!

Ships in our nearly-indestructible weatherproof poly mailer.

What are "seconds"?

Seconds are items which have minor manufacturing flaws, such as incorrect paint colors or small defects in the enamel finish of a pin. These items have been heavily discounted and still need a good home!