Pixel Elixir
Pixel Elixir was founded by people with a passion for video games, who nonetheless come from various different professional fields. Having grown up on video games, from arcades, to home computers like the Commodore 64 and Amiga, to consoles like the NES and Sega Master System and beyond, gaming shaped our lives. Pixel Elixir was created with the idea of imagining new ways to enjoy classic games.

We create new ways for people to enjoy video games, either newer games or games that they grew up with. As an example, the graphics of many older games were minimalistic; sometimes held back by the technology of the day, but in other cases simply opting for a certain style (such as "text adventures" with little to no graphics). However, the cover art helped set a certain tone - not distinct from the game itself but, rather, an alternate take on it. Much of this art has since been forgotten, as many of these games have lapsed into obscurity. We want to take things a step further and not just reproduce the original art, but adapt it, re-interpret it and reshape it for new generations. Even in the case of newer games, with recent popularity and more emphasis on graphics, reimagined art has a definite role to play.

One of the ways we present our work is through art prints. Although we live in a digital society, high-quality prints, such as posters, are still as popular as ever. In fact, online sales of physical posters are at an all-time high, and increasing significantly every year. However, we take things to another level and also create prints on materials such as vinyl and artist canvas, up to 100 inches wide, in-house, in order to cater to as many potential customers as possible. Our prints are produced strictly using high-quality professional 12-color printers, as we want to achieve a quality that is simply not possible with regular 4-color typeset processes (of the type used by mass-producing printing companies). We aim for quality above all else. When even our excellent prints won't suffice, we are also able to offer handmade oil paintings in limited runs.

Perhaps the most common form of expressing one's individuality, interests, opinions and hobbies is through clothing. While the sale of game-inspired t-shirts and other clothing has really taken off in the last decade, and shows little sign of slowing down, it is still not on the same level as the movie industry in this regard. This is particularly true when it comes to reimagined game art that goes beyond a simple reproduction of a low-quality screen shot, or a fuzzy scan of the cover art (which can sadly be found in many online stores, typically unlicensed). Clothing can be an artistic medium just as much as artist's canvas, and we feel many games deserve better - especially ones with fantastic art that has been lost to time, but also newer games that might not have explored these possibilities as much as they should. We have in-house capabilities to create art on any garment: t-shirts, hoodies, caps - you name it, we can do it.

While collectible pins have been around for a long time, they only recently started taking off in a major way in 2016, and their popularity has since sky-rocketed. Having followed this trend for over 10 years, we're uniquely positioned to take the world of collectible pins by storm, as we have significant expertise in this area, and work with vector artists who are able to create amazing pin designs. We focus on hard enamel (cloissone) pins, soft enamel pins and die struck pins. The collectible element in particular is what makes these pins very popular, but they are also a trendy way for people to show their support of a particular game or genre, be it a classic (retro) game, a more recent edgy indie game, or whatever represents their personality and interests.

Get in touch with us at info@pixelelixir.com if you would like to discuss a collaboration. Hope to hear from you soon!