Pray For Death Enamel Pin (Seconds)

What are "seconds"?

Seconds are items which have minor manufacturing flaws, such as incorrect paint colors or small defects in the enamel finish of a pin. These items have been heavily discounted and still need a good home!

Have you said your prayers? This demonic nun will devour your SOUL!

Inspired by Valak's appearance as an unholy nun in The Conjuring universe, this 2" enamel pin is available in two ghastly variants, and comes on a glossy, double-sided backer card with a back logo stamp and dual rubber clutches. Plus, this devilish pin glows in the dark!

Quantities are limited, so grab this pin while you can...and PRAY that Valak doesn't come for YOU!

Ships in a weatherproof poly mailer.

Artwork by Donny & Selene Morrow.

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