Bite-Sized Frights: The Witch Hunt Madness

In the year 1590, a sinister plot was uncovered in Scotland. An evil scheme to drown a King and throw a nation into chaos. A deal made with the Devil. A wicked spell cast by witches, dancing in the moonlight. Heads were going to roll for this treachery...

Join us as we explore the bizarre history of the burnings and beheadings, the tall tales and torture surrounding the witch trials that raged through Europe, claiming the lives of almost 100,000 suspected practitioners of the dark arts…

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King James VI of Scotland, who personally oversaw the hunting and persecution of suspected witches in the 16th century

Illustration of a woman accused of witchcraft, pressed to death

The site of the alleged Bell Witch Haunting, which inspired the 1999 film "The Blair Witch Project"