Bite-Sized Frights: The Devil's Tricks

Halloween and trick or treating go hand in hand, but in the old days, tricks were far more common than treats on All Hallows' Eve. Ranging from mostly harmless, to destructive, and sometimes even deadly, pranks have long been a staple of this ghoulish holiday....

Join us as we dive into the tradition of malevolent mischief, which would eventually become a night all its own - Devil's Night...the perfect night for the Devil's Tricks.

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Toilet paper being strewn across tree branches, a common Halloween prank


A child gets a razor blade stuck in his mouth after eating a booby-trapped treat in 1981's "Halloween II"

Devil's Night in Detroit during the 1980s, when fires were particularly widespread each year on the night before Halloween

A newspaper article detailing the charges against Ronald O'Bryan, convicted of killing his son with poisoned Pixy Stix