Bite-Sized Frights: The Allagash Abductions

Allagash, Maine, the summer of 1976. Four friends venture out into the wilderness for some rest and relaxation and encounter something bizarre and unexplainable...unexplained, that is, until the nightmares begin. Burning lights in the night sky, gray-skinned beings and unspeakable atrocities. Were the men abducted by aliens, or was the entire story a fabrication? Join us as we delve into the mystery of the "Allagash Four"....

Story written by Ryan Hollohan.

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The "Allagash Four"


The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, the site of the alleged abductions

An illustration of what occurred during the alleged abductions by Charlie Foltz, one of the "Allagash Four"

Betty and Barney Hill, who claimed they were abducted in 1961 in a rural area of New Hampshire