Bite-Sized Frights: Samhain - The Dark Origins of Halloween

Halloween. Known these days as a night of frolic and mischief, its roots are far darker and more sinister than one might imagine. From ancient ceremonies to ritual sacrifices, the festival of Samhain - from where Halloween originates - has a long and tumultuous history.

Join us for a tale of one fateful autumn night, where all is not as it seems during the thinning of the veil between the world of the living, and that of the dead....

Story written by Ryan Hollohan.

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A traditional Samhain festival in Glastonbury, England


"Snap Apple Night, or All Hallow Eve" by Daniel Maclise, 1833, depicting revelers at a Halloween party in Blarney, Ireland

A traditional turnip jack o' lantern, as was common in olden days

Children in grotesque Halloween masks, from the early to mid-20th century