Bite-Sized Frights - Press Kit

A frightening original audio series about the paranormal, terrifying folklore, urban legends and other spooky tales, in bite-sized doses.

• Style of the series: Something like a cross between Night Gallery and Unsolved Mysteries
• Duration: Approx. 20 mins per episode
• Release schedule: Weekly, each Friday
• Format: Introductory dramatized story, followed by exploratory musings about theories and other related stories/anecdotes

Please listen to the first 6 episodes below, and thanks for your interest in this project! You can also download a .zip file containing a few graphics assets here.

The Slaughter at Lake Bodom

On a warm summer night in 1960, a group of teenagers were brutally murdered on the shores of the picturesque Lake Bodom in Finland. They were hacked to death while they slept in their tent, in an attack so frenzied and horrifying, it is said to have inspired the famous Friday the 13th movies. Join us as we explore this unsolved case and delve into the mysteries that surround the Slaughter at Lake Bodom…


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The Ship of the Dead

The ocean has always been a place of dark mystery. The Bermuda Triangle. Atlantis. The Flying Dutchman. When a search party boarded the drifting S.S Ourang Medan in 1947, they made a haunting, grisly discovery that sparked a maritime mystery which remains unsolved to this day. Join us as we investigate this terrifying tale of ghost ships, doomed sailors and things…that are not of this world.

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The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

When 21 year old student Elisa Lam vanished from a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the circumstances that surrounded her disappearance would create one of the most baffling and disturbing mysteries of modern times. Join us as we explore this story of bizarre coincidences, haunted elevators, demonic possession and portals to another world, all linked to a hotel with a sinister and bloody reputation…

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The Blood Countess

If even half the stories about Countess Elizabeth Báthory are true, then her reign of blood-soaked terror would make her the most vicious serial killer of all time, a legacy carved from the flesh of over 600 innocent victims…
Join us as we travel back over 400 years to explore this grisly tale of blood drinkers and black magic, and meet some of the most murderous women in history…

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The Slit-Mouthed Woman

In 1979, hysterical fear spread through the islands of Japan. All across the country, people reported seeing the ghostly Slit-Mouthed Woman waiting for them in the shadows, ready to carve their faces into permanent, bloody smiles to match her own…
Join us as we explore some of the most horrifying creatures of Japanese urban legend, and investigate this creepy tale of a vengeful spirit that made an entire country afraid to walk home alone at night…

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The Living Dead

Corpses rising from the dead to walk the earth once more is pure fiction…isn’t it? Well, to followers of voodoo religion, zombies are very real. And in some ways, they can be far more horrifying than anything that shuffles across your television screen…
Join us as we investigate this disturbing tale of undead slaves and flesh hungry cannibals, and discover that a real-life zombie apocalypse may be closer than you think…

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