Bite-Sized Frights: 50 States of Fear - Part 4

This is part 4 of our 50 States of Fear mini-series, a road trip through some of the most bizarre and terrifying urban legends found across America.

Join us as we travel alphabetically from The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, through to the Palmetto state of South Carolina, where we explore the real-life legend behind the 1981 slasher film The Burning, an alleged vampire who may have fed on her own family, a ghost without a face who haunts a lonesome tunnel in Pennsylvania, a wretched soul covered in bloody bandages roaming an Oregon beach, and more….

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The 10 states covered in this episode of 50 States of Fear, highlighted in red


The killer Cropsy, from the 1981 slasher film The Burning - inspired by the urban legend boogeyman of the same name

Sleep paralysis as portrayed by John Henry Fuseli, in his 1781 painting "The Nightmare". Sleep paralysis is believed to have given rise to many legends of nightmarish creatures, such as the boo hags of South Carolina lore.

Raymond Robinson, the disfigured man who inspired the urban legend of "Charlie No-Face"

Mercy Brown, allegedly a vampire