Bite-Sized Frights: 50 States of Fear - Part 2

This is part 2 of our 50 States of Fear mini-series, a road trip through some of the most bizarre and terrifying urban legends found across America.

Join us as we travel alphabetically from the Aloha state of Hawaii through to the Old Line State of Maryland, investigating tales of goatmen, graveyards and ghostly clowns, from murderous mansions to blood-drinking brothers…

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The 10 states covered in this episode of 50 States of Fear, highlighted in red



A picture claiming to show the infamous Goatman stalking his victims in the dark forests of Beltsville, Maryland

The allegedly cursed Culbertson Mansion, where Dr. Harold Webb killed his entire family, along with numerous other victims, in a real-life case of The Shining

The tomb of Colonel Buck, who burned his lover to death. Her leg, which rolled out of the fire, burned an image upon his grave, which could not be erased. Groundskeepers replaced the stone, but the image of the leg reappeared.

The infamous haunted cemetery in Stull, Kansas, rumored to be one of several portals to Hell itself