Purifier Enamel Pin

This 2" tall enamel pin is a gory love letter to two of our favorite things - the Fallout video games and 80s horror movies. If you look closely, you'll notice a familiar face on that severed head. Poor Shelly!

Inspired by the Vault Boy mascot, our Purifier enamel pin comes in 3 different colors: modern, retro NES colors and vault jumpsuit. The vault jumpsuit edition of this pin features radioactive glitter green blood effects.

Plus, as a purifier of the campgrounds, you do 50% more melee and unarmed damage to camp counselors and promiscuous teenagers. Isn't that swell?

Comes on a double-sided, glossy backer card with dual rubber clutches. Features a back logo stamp. Ships in a weatherproof poly mailer.