Spirits of Halloween Reaper Enamel Pin + Sticker

Each year on Halloween night, the Spirit of Halloween rises from his slumber to once again roam the mortal realm. His glowing eyes and devilish grin light up the night as he carries his flame across the land, only to return from whence he came once when the clock strikes midnight, and all the ghouls and goblins disappear with the approach of dawn.

This large 2-inch deluxe enamel pin comes bagged with rubber clasps on a custom, double-sided backer card. It also glows in the dark! Plus, each pin comes with a free 2"x3" sticker!

But beware, this pin is strictly limited to 100 pieces! Once it sells out, it will vanish into the aether, just like the Spirit of Halloween!

Ships in a weatherproof poly mailer.

Artwork by Donny Morrow.


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